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Toxaprevent Halistop Chewables

Toxaprevent Halistop Chewables

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  • Natural, vegan, no fillers, additives or preservatives
  • 10 day supply (90 chewables)
  • Detoxes the mouth, throat and stomach
  • Pure, safe and natural MANC particles
  • Detoxes histamine, sulphur and ammonium
  • Only £2.99 per daily dosage

Each chewable contains 1200mg of MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), isomalt, lemon aroma, hydroxypropyl cellulose, magnesium stearate and stevia.

How to take:
Take 6 – 9 chewable tablets per day. Chew the tablets thoroughly before you swallow them.

Can be used in combination with the Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets to target the mouth and stomach.

Where the chewables work:
The Toxaprevent Halistop chewables are designed to work in the mouth, throat and stomach detoxing sulphur, histamine and ammonium. The toxins are then detoxed out through your natural bowel movements, making sure neither the toxins or the MANC® particles are left in your body.

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