Detox Histamine & Reverse Your Histamine Symptoms.

It's time to detox histamine and reverse your histamine symptoms using the world's first Histamine Binder, Toxaprevent.

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It's not Histamine Intolerance. It's Histamine Overload!

Are you ready to detox histamine and get rid of your histamine symptoms?

Then you are in the right place. After a decade of research on histamine and other toxins, we have developed Toxaprevent, a natural histamine and toxin binder.

Our solution is simple, remove what triggers your histamine. Detox using Toxaprevent and follow our Histamine Intolerance Protocol, and then begin re-introducing the foods you have missed out on and been forced to remove! 

High histamine foods aren't the problem; removing them will soothe the issue but won't fix the root cause. Your immune system is over-reactive, creating a leaky gut. Toxaprevent binds and detoxes the histamine alongside heavy metals, ammonium, aluminium, mould, mycotoxins and nitrosamines, to name a few.

By detoxing these toxins, we can heal the gut and, most importantly, reverse your histamine symptoms!

It's time to detox histamine and take back control of your health. 

Clean. Sustainable. Natural.

All of our products are free of fillers, preservatives and bulking agents.

Our packaging and the boxes we ship your products in are all recyclable and are purchased from sustainable sources.

To meet our net zero carbon emissions our warehouses and offices are supplied by renewable energy sources.

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