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VHC Vitamin D Test Strips | Rapid Vitamin D Test Strips

VHC Vitamin D Test Strips | Rapid Vitamin D Test Strips

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The VHC Vitamin D Test Strips work together with the VHC Vitamin D Reader, and both are needed to perform a 15 minute vitamin D test.

The Rapid Vitamin D Test Strips box contains the following:

  • 25 x Vitamin D test strips
  • 30 x capillaries (for blood collection)
  • 30 x sealed sample collection containing buffer mixture
  • 1 x LOT-specific RFID card to program VHC Reader
  • Costs per test strip = £19.50
  • Total cost for pack = £486.50

What is the VHC Vitamin D Test Kit?

The VHC Quantitative Vitamin-D Test currently allows a practitioner and client to see 25-OH Vitamin D results within 15 minutes from a simple finger prick blood sample. 

The test strips in the pack allow for the sample (finger prick blood) collection.

The Rapid VHC Cube Reader (Sold Separately) is a high-precision optical reader for lateral flow test devices. The cube contains patented high-resolution screening, which enables the test to read the control line's intensity directly related to the number of target molecules (Vitamin D) caught by highly specific gold-labelled antibodies.

The VHC-Reader is programmed by the RFID card that contains the test-specific data and the LOT-specific quantitative calibration curve. This enables a quantification accuracy identical to those of routine remote labs.

This portable and compact device enables practitioners within their clinic to provide convenient, straightforward quantitative Vitamin D level results within 15 minutes.

If the test identifies a Vitamin D deficiency, the quantitative result from the reader then enables a practitioner to provide a personalised, accurate calculation of the amount of vitamin D3 I.U. needed through a targeted diet or supplementation plan to achieve a good blood level without any risk of an overdose or an under prescribing of the amount their client needs.

What is the Sensitivity for the VHC Vitamin D Test Kit?

The sensitivity of the VHC Vitamin-D Quantitative Vitamin D Test is 3ng/ml (7.5nmol/l). The sensitivity was determined by calculating the mean plus 3.3 times of standard deviation of twenty Vitamin D-free serum tests.

What is the Specificity of the Vitamin D Test?

30 Vitamin D-free serum samples were tested, all showing negative results, suggesting 100% specificity. No interference and cross-reactivity were observed with Bilirubin, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.

Scientific research and literature

  1. - Kurt A. Kennel, MD, Matthew T. Drake, MD, PhD, and Daniel L. Hurley, MD: Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults: When to Test and How to Treat
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  • Can this machine test b12

    Not just yet. We are working on further testing for ferritin and b12, and will release the test strips when they have been approved. Right now the focus is on purely on circulating vitamin D!